Electro-Optic Modulators

Electro-optic modulators (EOMs) are efficient and easy to use tools to modify the phase, frequency, polarization or amplitude of a free-space laser. In contrast to acousto-optic modulators the spatial mode of the laser beam remains unaltered. Therefore, EOMs are the ideal choice when several frequency components are required in a laser spectrum. For instance, in laser cooling repumper frequency generation, ion trapping and quantum optics, for spectral broadening to suppress stimulated Brillouin scattering (SBS) in high power fibers, and for heterodyne techniques, like FM Spectroscopy, Modulation Transfer Spectroscopy or Pound-Drever Hall (PDH) Laser Frequency Stabilization. The modulation spectrum of our electro-optic modulators ranges from DC-coupled phase shifters to high-Q, resonant EOMs in the kHz, MHz and GHz range. Large apertures and a range of selected crystals materials (AR-coated or Brewster-cut) permit the use of high power lasers at UV to IR wavelengths.

Key Features

  • Modulation Frequencies: DC - 14.7 GHz (DC-coupled, Resonant, and Traveling-Wave Models)

  • Wavelength Range: UV - MIR (190nm - 10.6 μm, with a selection of dedicated crystals)

  • Large Apertures for easy Alignment and High Laser Power (Standard: 3x3mm, 5x5mm)

Product Matrix

Laser Spectroscopy & PDH Frequency Stabilization Optical Frequency Locking

High Efficiency EOMs

Resonant, high-Q phase modulators with resonance frequencies from kHz - 250MHz and ultra-low RAM for PDH, FM and MT.
Options: Tunable, T-control, DC-port, ...


High Frequency, GHz Modulators

Resonant, high-Q EOMs up to 2.5GHz with tunable resonance frequency and thermal crystal mount for high power operation.
Dedicated repumper models.

EO-T412L3 EO-F1000M3 EO-T1055M3-TXC


High efficiency and high frequency GHz EOMs with dedicated UV crystals and sealed housings for ultraviolet wavelengths from 190 - 400nm e.g. for trapped ions.



Resonant phase modulators for the infrared (IR and MIR > 10.6μm) with high efficiency crystals up to 5μm for QCL spectroscopy and PDH. (GHz models on request)

EO-T0.5L3-IR2 EO-T50T3-IR4

Special Purpose Electro-Optic Modulators

Spectral Broadening EOMs

kHz, MHz and GHz EOMs with high efficiency and high power options (heat-sink) for strong modulation (> 2.6rad, up to 40rad) to suppress SBS or increase capture velocities.

EO-F200M3 EO-F1100L3

Phase Shifter

DC-coupled electro-optic phase shifter (Brewster or AR) with high bandwidth for fast intra-cavity feedback of narrow linewidth lasers. Miniature models available.


Polarization / Amplitude Modulators

High damage threshold polarization modulators (DC-coupled or resonant up to 100MHz) with large acceptance angle. Amplitude modulation with ext. polarizer.

AM-F0.1R4 AM-T70R3

Microwave EOMs

Broadband traveling-wave type or tunable, resonant electro-optic modulators for microwave frequencies up to 14.7GHz. Please contact us for details.


Alkali Repumper Frequencies for Spectroscopy and Laser Cooling of neutral Atoms

Lithium Sodium Potassium Rubidium
Resonance frequency
Tuning range
AR coating
228 MHz
± 30 MHz
671 nm
813 MHz
± 60 MHz
671 nm
1713 MHz
± 100 MHz
589 nm
441 MHz
± 40 MHz
766 nm
1285 MHz
± 100 MHz
766 nm
241 MHz
± 30 MHz
766 nm
2915 MHz
± 100 MHz
780 nm
6.6 | 6.8 GHz
± 100 MHz
780 | 795 nm
Sample datasheets EO-Li6 EO-Li7 EO-Na23 EO-K39 EO-K40 EO-K41 EO-Rb85 EO-Rb87

Repumper Frequencies for Spectroscopy and Laser Cooling of Ions

Beryllium Magnesium Calcium Strontium Ytterbium
Resonance frequency
Tuning range
AR coating
1250 MHz
± 100 MHz
313 nm
1789 MHz
± 100 MHz
280 nm
1938 MHz
± 100 MHz
397 nm
5.00 GHz
± 100 MHz
422 nm
2.1 | 3.1 | 5.2 | 14.7 GHz
± 100 MHz
369 | 760 | 935 nm
Sample datasheets EO-Be9+ EO-Mg25+ EO-Ca43+ EO-Sr87+ EO-Yb171+