Advanced Driver Unit - ADU

The Advanced Driver Unit (ADU) is a user-friendly RF driver specifically designed for resonant EOMs. It combines a precision radio-frequency source (DDS) with optional power amplifier and several useful features needed for laser spectroscopy and frequency stabilization (PDH). It’s simple, push-button operation and automatic lock & track function, make it an ideal solution for users requiring a stand-alone, trouble-free EOM driver always operating on the EOMs optimal working point. Besides ensuring stable operation (amplitude & phase of the optical modulation) this potentially saves expensive analytical equipment, like an optical spectrum analyzer (e.g. scanning Fabry-Perot cavity). For more complex applications the ADU offers several input and output ports as well as PC control software (free) which can be embedded in experiment control sequences.

ADU - Dedicated Resonant EOM Driver (1 - 200 MHz)

  • DDS based precision RF Synthesizer (resolution: 0.1Hz, stability: 100ppm (internal) or external reference)
  • RF Power: 20dBm (resolution: 0.1dB), high power version ADU/HP with Pout: 30dBm, more on request
  • Plug-in unit (3HU, 28TE) for 19” systems (req. 5/12VDC) or standalone bench-top version, fanless = silent
  • provides clean 12V supply for fast, trans-impedence amplified photodetector (PD-AC100)
  • automatic resonance frequency locking & tracking (ditherless)
  • internal heterodyne frequency mixing circuit (PDH), precision phase adjust (< mrad), high conversion, 3xf0
  • front-panel & remote PC controllable (USB), free software, digital in-/outputs, interlock, auto-recovery
  • EMC shielded with ultra-low noise linear power supplies (optional, for mains voltage 110/220VAC)

Main Applications:

  • Frequency Modulation (FM) Spectroscopy, Modulation Transfer (MT) Spectroscopy
  • Laser Frequency Stabilization, Optical Cavity locking, Pound-Drever Hall lock (PDH)
  • Spectral Broadening
  • Precision Optical Phase Control (e.g. for Dynamic Optical Lattices)
  • Resonant Electro-Optic Amplitude Modulators
ADU - standalone version typical application: Pound-Drever Hall lock

Extended Driver Unit - EDU

With the Extended Driver Unit (EDU) Series Qubig offers an economic and user-friendly solution for high power radio-frequency sources in the GHz-range as ideal drivers for high-frequency and GHz EOMs. It features a compact, modular design with a wideband, RF generator module along with a suitable RF power amplifier module. Both modules can be used independently and can packaged in a stand-alone benchtop version or up to 6 modules in a 19” rack system for mains voltage 110/220VAC with ultra-low noise linear power supplies.

EDU - High Frequency EOM Driver Module (0.1 - 4.4 GHz)

  • Wideband RF Generator, PLL based (resolution: 10 kHz, stability: 2.5ppm)
  • RF Power: 19dBm (resolution: 0.5dB) - seed signal for AMP RF amplifier modules
  • Plug-in unit (3HU, 14TE) for 19” systems (requires 5VDC), SMA connector
  • compact, modular design
  • full front-panel control (encoder & display), manual & digital (TTL) on/off
  • intuitive operation with auto-save and auto-recovery

AMP - RF Amplifier Modules (0.01 - 3.2 GHz)

  • broadband (up to 0.9, 2.2, 2.8 GHz) and narrow-band (1.6-1.8, 2.0-2.2, 2.4-2.7, 2.9-3.2 GHz) versions
  • RF Power: 2W, 5W or up to 10W (40 dBm) - designed for EDU seed signal
  • Plug-in unit (3HU, 14TE) for 19” systems (requires 24VDC), SMA connectors
  • compact, modular design
  • highly efficient with passive heat-sink (fanless = silent)
  • fully protected (unmatched load, over-temperature)

BOX - Standalone Benchtop Box or 19” Rack System

  • full (84TE), half (42TE) or 1/3 (28TE) 19” rack or benchtop box for 2, 3 or 6 modules (EDU, AMP)
  • matched ultra-low noise linear power supplies for mains voltage 110/220VAC
  • EMC shielded, fanless = silent
Example: High Frequency EOM Driver for a Double-Resonance EOM
2 EDU modules + 1 AMP module packaged in a BOX standalone benchtop version